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29.01.2017 News The Open Source Vlog Episode 1
30.08.2015 News Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015
09.02.2015 News FOSDEM 2015
26.01.2015 News Plovdiv Game Jam 2015: Build a Game in 48 Hours
28.12.2014 News Qt Contributors Summit 2014
09.11.2014 News OpenFest 2014
31.12.2013 News OpenFest 2013
15.04.2013 News Openmobility Conference 2013
23.03.2013 News FOSDEM 2013
24.12.2012 News Jolla Music Ringtone for Windows Phone
29.10.2012 News Linux Days 2012 Travel Notes
18.01.2012 News location2sms: German and Romanian Translations Added
27.11.2011 News location2sms
27.01.2011 News Mobile Monday Sofia: Mobile Apps
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Develop Console Applications with PHP

May the PHP Force Be with You

PHP is among the most popular languages for web application. Although PHP is slower than Perl, C or C++ it can also be a powerful tools for creation of console ...
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