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Created: 29.12.2023 07:35 Last Modified: 29.12.2023 07:35 Views: 1086
Keywords: aml, meta-openembedded, neatvnc, openembedded, wayland, weston, yocto, vnc

VNC Screen Sharing on Wayland and Weston for Raspberry Pi 5 with the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded

Explore the world of remote screen sharing on a Raspberry Pi 5 single board computer running an embedded Linux distribution. This demonstration utilizes VNC on Wayland and Weston, with Wayland serving as a modern replacement for the traditional X11 Window System. Focused on efficiency, Wayland enhances graphical environments on Linux and Unix-like systems by employing a protocol for communication between a compositor and client applications.

In this showcase, we feature Weston as the reference open-source implementation of the Wayland compositor. The demonstration highlights a custom Linux distribution built with the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded, specifically using the core-image-weston image. Noteworthy additions include an enabled VNC backend in weston.ini, along with the integration of neatvnc and aml from meta-openembedded. For optimal results, it is mandatory to use Weston version 12 or newer. Dive into the technical details of this innovative setup for a glimpse into the future of graphical environments on embedded Linux.

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