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Created: 29.12.2023 07:26 Last Modified: 29.12.2023 07:26 Views: 678
Keywords: Bluetooth, Chromecast, Controller, Gamepad, Google, input-remapper, Joystick, Linux, Stadia

Unlocking Stadia Controller: Bluetooth Transition Guide with Tests on Linux and Chromecast Post Google Stadia Shutdown

After the discontinuation of Google Stadia, I reconfigured my Google Stadia Controller to operate in Bluetooth mode. To switch your Stadia Controller to Bluetooth mode to keep gaming wirelessly on your favorite devices and services after Stadia shuts down visit https://stadia.google.com/controller/. In this video, I illustrate the process of updating the firmware of the Stadia Controller directly through the Chrome web browser. Subsequently, I established a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection by pairing the Stadia Controller with Google Chromecast Ultra. It's worth noting that the Google Stadia Controller is compatible with GNU Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, functioning seamlessly either through Bluetooth or via a USB-C cable.

The video showcases tests conducted using evtest in the command-line interface (CLI) and HTML5 GamePad Test in a web browser. This nice web page is actually an open source project and the source code is available at GitHub.

I also highlight the utilization of an open-source software input-remapper, designed to work with both X11 and Wayland. Developed in Python and accompanied by a systemd service, this input-remapper enables the mapping of Stadia Controller keys to keyboard key codes. This capability empowers me to remap Stadia Controller keys, facilitating their use for playing games or running applications on the Linux platform.

🗓️ The webpage for updating your Stadia Controller and transitioning to Bluetooth mode will remain accessible until the close of 2024—originally slated for 2023, the availability has been extended until the year's end in 2024. Don't delay; seize the opportunity to switch your Stadia Controller to Bluetooth before the deadline!

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