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Created: 05.05.2023 06:04 Last Modified: 05.05.2023 06:09 Views: 1350
Keywords: firmware, KMK, mechanicalkeyboard, opensource

KMK Open Source Mechanical Keyboard Firmware in CircuitPython

KMK is an open source firmware for mechanical keyboards. It is written in CircuitPython, a derivative of Python for constrained embedded devices. KMK and CircuitPython run on various microcontrollers, including RP2040. In this video KMK is demonstrated using a printed circuit board with Seeed XIAO RP2040 module. The video shows:

  • hot-swap mechanical switches
  • backlight
  • RGB underflow with Neopixes
  • mini I2C OLED display
  • rotary encoder

Useful links to get started with KMK firmware for your mechanical keyboard:

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