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Created: 03.05.2023 09:01 Last Modified: 03.05.2023 09:22 Views: 1071
Keywords: Khadas, KKSB, VIM4

Khadas VIM4 Passive Cooling with KKSB Aluminium Case

This video tutorial demonstrates how to setup a passive cooling of Khadas VIM4 using KKSB black metal case. It shows exact steps how to remove the heatsink and the fan from VIM4 and to assemble the case.

KKSB case for VIM4 is made of CNC-machined aluminium. VIM4 is powerful single board computer with Amlogic A311D2 ARM 64-bit CPU. I have installed Ubuntu Linux distribution and I did thermal tests with the open source tools stress-ng during which the CPU temperature with the passible cooling went up to 90C. However, in idle mode with the case the temperature remains below 50C.

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