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Created: 21.11.2022 00:54 Last Modified: 21.11.2022 00:54 Views: 1493
Keywords: Intel Core i5, JEDEC, RAM, HP ProDesk 400

HP ProDesk 400 G7 Review & Teardown

HP ProDesk 400 G7 is a microtower PC. It comes with basic wired USB keyboard and mouse. In this video I review and teardown a unit with Intel Core i5, 8GB DDR4 and 512 NVMe. There is even a DVD writer optical drive. The motherboard and the BIOS are picky and supports only RAM memory with JEDEC profile at 1.2V running at 2666MHz for Intel i3 or i5 CPUs and 3200MHz for Intel i7 CPUs. Please note XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) RAM is not supported. There are several slots for adding new peripherals: PCIe x16, PCI x1 and M.2 2280.

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