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Created: 24.08.2022 00:22 Last Modified: 24.08.2022 00:23 Views: 1377
Keywords: BeagleBoard, Debian, Linux, open source, open source hardware, PocketBeagle

BeagleBoard PocketBeagle Low Cost Linux Computer with Debian

PocketBeagle is a low cost open source Linux computer with 1GHz Texas Instruments AM335x ARM 32-bit Cortex-A8 CPU, 512 DDR3 RAM, 3D graphics accelerator and NEON floating-point accelerator. It relies on Octavo Systems OSD335x-SM System-in-Package. PocketBeagle was released in 2017 and it is still available on the market.

In this getting started video we are booting Debian GNU Linux distribution from a microSD card on PocketBeagle. As of the moment the latest available Debian version for PocketBeagle is Buster IoT (without graphical desktop). After booting the video demonstrates how to access this tiny single board computer through SSH and network established over the USB.

PocketBeagle is open source hardware device. The schematics are even available as a KiCad project in GitHub. PocketBeagle has been certified by the Open Source Hardware Association under UID US000083.

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