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Created: 17.06.2021 01:05 Last Modified: 17.06.2021 01:06 Views: 3403
Keywords: copy and paste keyboard, mechanical keypad, ANAVI Macro Pad 2, ATTiny85, mechanical keyboard, Open Source Hardware

ANAVI Macro Pad 2 - Tiny 2% Mechanical Keyboard

ANAVI Macro Pad 2 is a a tiny 2% mechanical keyboard. It is an open source, programmable two-key mechanical keypad with backlighting. Perfect for copy and paste or controlling the microphone and the camera during the conference video call!

ANAVI Macro Pad 2 has been certified by the Open Source Hardware Association under UID BG000077. It is designed with the free and open source tools KiCad with Microchip ATTiny85, Gateron red mechanical switches, 3mm red LEDs and translucent keycaps. Powered by QMK firmware and micronucleus bootloader. Works on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux distributions.

ANAVI Macro Pad 2 is a stable product, and Crowd Supply crowdfunding campaign will help us proceed with low-volume manufacturing. We hope you will jump in and help us bring this entirely open source project to life!

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