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OpenFest 2013

OpenFest is the largest meeting of developers working on open-source projects in Bulgaria. It is an annual conference that takes place in Sofia. The edition in 2013 was held at INTERPRED on 2-3 November. I waited for couple of months before writing about the event just because I wanted passions to come and to be able to give an objective evaluation of OpenFest 2013. Now without any regrets I can say that OpenFest 2013 was awesome!

The summary is two days, three halls, more than 60 presentations, cool t-shirts and a fantastic closing party! Most of the presentation were in Bulgarian but there were also several talks in English. More than a thousand people visited OpenFest 2013 and almost 2800 Euros were gathered as donations.

The videos are available at YouTube. I have already posted an article about my appearance on the stage of hall Gallery to present Tizen at the blog of Qt for Tizen. So I would like to highlight several presentations that caught my attention:

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