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Tizen Developer Conference 2013

Several months have passed since Tizen Developer Conference 2013 and I finally decided to write a few lines about it. The event was held at Hilton Union Square San Francisco from 22 to 24 May and it was among the best conference that I have ever visited. Numerous important topics were discussed and videos from some of the most interesting presentations are available at the YouTube Channel of the event. Other details about the talks can be found at the website of the event.

Tizen 3.0 Open Source Governance

The third major version of Tizen brings a new governance and licensing model. Thiago Macieira from Intel and Yoonsoo Kum from Samsung revealed details about the new order. Now the community is in the center of the governance and its members are divided into five roles: developers, reviewers, maintainers, release engineers and QA engineers. I was happy to find out a lot of common ideas between the Tizen 3.0 open source governance and the Qt governance model. This coincidence is not accidental because Thiago is also a famous contributor of the Qt project.

Tizen IVI

Tizen is often compared to Android, iOS and FirefoxOS but in fact unlike them it is not just an operating system for smartphone and tablets. Tizen is trying to target multiple devices including vehicles. A Land Rover with Tizen IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) was exhibited as a proof of concept at the conference. Tizen IVI images compatible with Intel CPU are already available for download. If you are interested in current state of the IVI you can easily adapt an image and boot it on a PC or a Mac with a compatible processor.

Tizen PC

An ultrabook with a Tizen PC distribution was among of the most interesting gadgets that were demonstrated on Intel's booth. It is based on Linux/Tizen 3.0 kernel and GNOME 3 user interface with JavaScript widgets. The distribution is not yet publically available but it is designed in way to satisfy the needs of both gamers and developers.

Qt for Tizen

Qt for Tizen is purely community-driven port of Qt 5 for Tizen devices. It was started in April and its official debut was during the Tizen Developer Conference. Several basic QML demos including the famous Qt Cinematics app were demonstrated. The latest of Qt for Tizen version 1.0 Alpha 3 was released in August. If you want to get involved with the project please visit the wiki and join the mailing list.

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